the first-ever bearded pre-roll ad that shaves before your eyes

To promote the latest Philips razor model OneBlade, the integrated dailymotion studio NROLL has designed and produced the first customized pre-roll that shaves right before your eyes.

The challenge

How to turn a classic razor video clip introducing the new Philips OneBlade into an eye-catching concept to draw the attention of 15-34-year-old men and to improve both the reputation and recognition of the brand ?

The concept

Take a pre-roll in which men are using the new OneBlade razor and place it in a player in which the seek bar has grown a beard. As a result, the player decides to use the razor as well ! The scrubber becomes a Philips razor that shaves all the hairs in its path while the pre-roll is being displayed.

From October 3rd to 23rd, the campaign’s media plan will be optimized on mobile and desktop, and it will be executed by Havas Media and displayed on Dailymotion. It will include the event pre-roll that will be accurately targeted to an audience of 15-34-year-old men.

View and download the full press release here