“Time Walk” : An interactive experience entirely produced by Dailymotion Advertising for Palladium

To strenghten its presence on the innovative digital landscape and reach 18-34 female viewers, Palladium and its media agency Climat Media have chosen Dailymotion Advertising and its digital creative studio to conceive, produce and broadcast a brand new interactive video experience, dedicated to the famous original Palladium design.

This brand new experience, called “Time Walk”, sets viewers in full urban exploration mode. Users are invited to help Lola, a young popstar, to get in time to the venue where she’s supposed to perform. All of her fans are already there but she’s stuck in traffic. There is only one solution left : put on her Palladium shoes and  make her way through the city. It turns into a race against time with stunts and acrobatics…but beware, you must be agile in the city and help Lola find the right shortcuts!

All along the way, the young star has to choose between multiple directions, and only users can guide her by clicking on the interactive video.

Discover the « Time Walk » experience and help Lola find her way through Paris!