Palladium – The Case Study

On April 13th, NROLL, the digital creative studio of Dailymotion Advertising, produced a brand new interactive experience called « Time Walk » for Palladium, in partnership with its media agency Climat Media.

The concept: help Lola, a young popstar, to get in time to the venue where she’s supposed to perform by guiding her through the perilous urban jungle.

In order to do so, a new concept of interactive pre-roll video was designed, giving the choice to users to select the fastest route for Lola, throughout all the video.

14 different storylines were imagined for the campaign, as well as taking part to a contest to win one of the 150 pair of shoes offered by Palladium.


This interactive and engaging experience was well-welcomed by the users, as shown by these after-campaign results: more than a million users spent about 5 minutes navigating through the pre-roll, and more than a thousand people registered for the contest, hoping to win one of the pair of shoes in game.

Find out more in the video below