Dailymotion Advertising
Ideas technology

  • Since 2007
  • 2 billion in-streams/month
  • A creative team dedicated to custom ad executions // a studio for branded video production
  • A variety of ad formats and technologies to enrich ad experience

Worldwide audience

global online
video expert

  • 3
    video views
    per month

  • 137
    unique viewers
    per month

  • 38
    local versions

  • 15
    regional offices

  • 400
    million video views
    per month
    on all devices

  • 20
    million unique
    viewers per month
    on desktop

  • 54
    million unique
    browsers per month
    on mobile

Worldwide multi-screen experience

A unique model :
dailymotion on all media devices
and throughout the web

Our platform :
a true audience crossroad
  • mobile website and application

  • computers

  • gaming consoles
    and connected TV

our player :
embeded beyond limits

featured on
publishers' websites

Worldwide multi-screen experience

reaching viewers
wherever they are

  • 30+
    million apps downloaded

  • 215
    million views
    on the app

  • 890
    million views on
    the mobile web-app

  • 230
    million views on
    the tablet web-app


leading media publishers'
video partner

A unique positionning
among online video platforms

  • 70%
    of the dailymotion
    audience on
    premium content

  • 200
    media, studio
    and creative
    content partners