Go Fast with NROLL’s new ‘Fast Impact’ Pre-Roll for IBM and Mindshare!

Paris, September 18th 2018,

Dailymotion announces today the launch of FAST-IMPACT, a new pre-roll format that empowers users to fast-forward directly to the key message of the brand.

At 5 seconds into the pre-roll, FAST-IMPACT displays a call-to-action that enables viewers to “go fast” rather than to “skip”. Once the user clicks, the ending packshot of the pre-roll with the key information of the brand immediately appears for 3 more seconds. 

In total, 8 seconds of the brand’s pre-roll are guaranteed to be viewed by users. Customizable thanks to Dailymotion’s integrated creative studio NROLL, this ad format optimizes the impact of the pre-roll, all in a reduced amount of time.  Advertisers are therefore assured to deliver their key message without being intrusive to viewers.

Anas Nadifi, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Dailymotion states : “Our goal is to empower brands to optimize the impact of their ads in a context where more and more users are likely to skip pre-rolls. We strongly believe that FAST-IMPACT is a non-intrusive pre-roll format that serves this goal in an innovative way. To make it easy for advertisers, our creative studio NROLL can setup this format in 2 to 3 days, including the customization of the ending packshot”. 

FAST-IMPACT was first implemented in France for IBM’s latest campaign managed by MINDSHARE