Dailymotion partners up with French channel Equidia Life for 24 hours of interactive slow TV

During 24 hours on the 18th and 19th of May,  Dailymotion and Equidia Life broadcasted one of the first ever “slow TV” show in France to follow the birth of a filly live.

For this experience of interactive slow TV made in France, Equidia Life and Dailymotion Advertising entirely created and broadcasted a brand new concept giving the user the chance to build his homemade TV experience by playing with 4 different cameras and interactive tools with fun notes from the set as well as bonus content.

This immersive experience is in line with the strategy of Equidia Life, which intends to “reach a greater number of people thanks to an exclusive reality TV stunt, mixing digital, social, and TV experiences.” (Eric Brion, CEO of Equidia)

The experience was a success: 3,2 million views were generated on Dailymotion. More than 10 million people were in contact with the hashtag related to the operation on Twitter #NaissanceDunPoulainEnDirect. (birth of a foal live) (source : Equidia)

Dailymotion users were able to chat with the community managers of Equidia, helped by professionals from the horse industry, giving a greater interactive dimension to the operation. Users were also given the opportunity to find the name of the filly thanks to the #LeNomDuPoulainEst (the name of the filly is) hashtag. The person who found the name has become the official ‘godfather’ of the filly.