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Dailymotion is the best place to watch high quality videos: latest fashion clips, trendy trailers or worldwide sport events highlights. You are aware of the news and you let people around know: “Launch a video and dive into a continuous stream of content selected for you. You won’t even have to click play”.

Both iOS* and Android native applications allow you to download / sync videos to your phone and watch them later without any internet connection (offline viewing)

The offline feature is located under the player, simply tap on the three dots to open the video menu and then tap on “Watch Offline”. You’ll need to be signed in or create an account to use this feature.

Offline videos can be accessed via your Library and are stored for 30 days before being deleted.

Certain videos are not available for Offline watching, this is because the content owner has restricted access to their videos to standard online viewing only.

Besides a new music video of TWICE has just been uploaded on the app, why not add it to your playlist of the best music videos of 2018 to show it to your friends?

*requires minimum iOS 9