DMS partners with global online video platform ‘Dailymotion’

New partnership aimed at raising the bar for online video in MENA.

October 6th, 2015 – Dubai, UAE:

DMS; the digital media arm of Choueiri Group, recently announced its partnership with global online video platform ‘Dailymotion’. DMS will serve as the exclusive advertising sales representative in the region.

As one of the largest online video platforms, Dailymotion offers a diverse and engaging mix of content, generated by over 50 000 global and local premium partners. For over 11 years, the platform has enabled the online community to watch, upload, share and stream videos. It features dedicated sports, news, immersive TV and cinema, live gaming and e-sports channels that also comprise numerous high-profile brand channels. Dailymotion’s influence and popularity in the region reach over 265 million views in MENA and 18 million unique viewers on multi-screen in MENA.

Dailymotion’s value proposition is centered on creating customized video solutions including in-stream, native and display advertising for clients and brands. Its focus on multiscreen, contextual and data targeting services, along with its flexibility in terms of enabling impactful brand integrations within the platform, make it a top draw for advertisers all over the world. The platform also enables content owners with a large set of features and strives to be a truly innovative “friend” to publishers.

Dailymotion’s addition to DMS’ portfolio reinforces the company’s position as the region’s most progressive online video powerhouse. DMS’ video proposition has been fueling the digital landscape for years and has introduced the region to a host of pioneering platforms such as, and Kooora TV.

DMS’ role will be focused on unlocking Dailymotion’s full potential and value in the region’s advertising market. The partnership will witness DMS leveraging its vast network, local know-how and long-standing relationships with brands and advertisers to catapult Dailymotion to the next level and position it as a highly efficient and viable digital medium. DMS will also be supporting the platform to strengthen its content creation capabilities and portfolio, centered on the development of Arabic content.

Speaking about DMS’ new partnership with Dailymotion, DMS’ Chief Operating Officer Michel Malkoun stated, “Having identified a distinct lack of premium video platforms in the market, I believe we have bridged the gap now by bringing Dailymotion to the region. As global online video experts, Dailymotion delivers a unique blend of content, reach and flexibility, which raises the standards and potential for what online video can accomplish for advertisers in the region”.