DMEXCO 2018, Thank you!


It’s a wrap for DMEXCO 2018!

We had the unique opportunity to present our new features, ad-solutions and video formats to the international market and got to know even more industry fellows.

In 2017, at DMEXCO, we presented our new user experience. This year, we came back, proud to show the world how we have continued growing and working towards our goals: a premium product, innovative and interactive in-stream formats for brands, and quality content.

New markets, a brand new ad-format called FAST-IMPACT pre-roll and new publisher partners…what a great event to celebrate the news!

At Dailymotion, we are constantly looking to innovate to please our viewers, content providers and advertisers.

Thank you all and let’s meet up again in 2019!


Our very own Nola Solomon, VP Global Programmatic & Strategic Partnerships at Dailymotion, even took part in a debate at DMEXCO! Watch some of the industry’s leading experts on digital advertising as they discuss why auction dynamics are shifting, the merits of each model and what this means for both sides in the future.

– Jessica Davies, Editor UK at Digiday
– Nola Solomon, VP Global Programmatic & Strategic Partnerships at dailymotion
– Anna Forbes, UK General Manager at The Trade Desk
– Amar Goel, Chief Growth Officer, Founder & Chairman at PubMatic
– Jay Glogovsky, Director Yield & Programmatic at The New York Times

*Video provided by DMEXCO*