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At Dailymotion we aim to empower content producers with compelling tools to present their videos, and to give our users one of the best video viewing experiences the web can offer. That’s why we’ve re-built our video player from the ground up.

We’re excited to announce that our latest video player is now available in the United States. The new player improves three key functions: performance, compatibility, and customization.


100% responsive with a faster, sleeker design. Our player performs faster than ever and automatically resizes to fit any device.


With a full range of accessibility and compatibility features, this player enables you to reach even more people with your content.


Add your own linkable logo overlay, and fully customize the player’s color scheme to reinforce your brand identity.

More details about our new player

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In addition to our brand new player, we are excited to announce that our new custom sharing feature, Repost, is now available in Beta in Safari on OSX and iOS.

Repost is a social tool, tailored made by Dailymotion, allowing the users to express themselves by sharing videos they like to a wider audience. Users can use an existing Dailymotion video to publish a new one with a new title and description.

Another feature of Repost allows the user to repost a specific highlight of a video on Dailymotion, such as goals during football games or a specific part of a speech for example.

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To finish, we’re proud to announce the brand new version of our website in Singapore, Philipinnes and soon, Malaysia: take a look at it!