Gone are the days when people had to watch their branded content videos on a small screen and had to rotate their smartphones to enjoy a full-screen viewing.

In order to allow brands to broadcast their advertising messages while adapting to new video consumption and behavior of mobile users, Dailymotion launches the first-to-market vertical pre-roll (instream).

Dailymotion, the global multi-device video platform with 3+ billion video views and 300+ million unique viewers per month, offers a new way for brands to connect their messaging with targeted consumers on mobile with the vertical-roll.

This new generation pre-roll, designed to respond to new mobile video viewing trends, allows brands to broadcast their video spots in vertical mode and to take full advantage of the smartphone screen surface.

When the mobile user clicks the play button to watch a video on Dailymotion, the video ad loads, then expands and the vertical video ad starts playing full screen. At the end, the player returns to its normal size and the video content plays in landscape mode. Standard attributes are preserved: the play, pause, and skip buttons, with the player seek bar or the call-to-action (“more details”).

The objectives: maximize mobile completion rates and provide viewers with a deeper immersion within brands’ video content (full screen) while still respecting the user experience.

The skippable 30s max units have been designed to be integrated in a smooth and intuitive way within the user browsing experience.

Unlike vertical interstitials (which abruptly cover a mobile page content) or vertical native and outstream formats, the vertical pre-roll is served on the same ad position than a standard pre-roll. Taking advantage of the technical assets of a video player, it perfectly fits to the screen.

The vertical-roll is iOS (latest version) and android ready. Publishers can also access their usual contextual and data targeting on Dailymotion.

This new product was generated as the result of an increasing number of advertisers producing vertical videos to promote their products and services. Dailymotion now gives brands the opportunity to capitalize further on those videos by leverage them on their usual pre-rolls spaces on the mobile version of the Dailymotion website. Video usage evolves, Dailymotion’s goal is to allow advertisers to take better advantage of their ad units while raising the standards of the UX.

If you are an advertiser which doesn’t produce vertical videos, NROLL, Dailymotion’s integrated creative studio, offers the ability to adapt the landscape-format branded videos to vertical videos. 

The vertical-roll is now available through direct sales and will be released through programmatic by early 2017.