Dubai Lynx and Dailymotion launched a new competition and invited competitors to create an online video in response to a charity brief set by Medecin Sans Frontières (MSF).

Conditions to compete were simple :

– The commercial should be no longer than 30 seconds.

– Entries must be made by individual competitors or companies (teams of 1 or 2).

– Entrants must be living and working in the MENA region.

– Age restriction: entrants must be aged 21+ years.

The MSF brief was the following :

“We want to inspire ‘millenials ‘ to become active supporters and future donors to MSF. We want them to know: who we are, that we have operations in the region, that ours is a medical cause (not a political one).

In line with our wider social media strategy, our target audience for this campaign is the Arabic demographic in th GCC and wider region, and particularly those aged 18-30. Our secondary target is the arabic diaspora living abroad, such as those un Europe or America.

As a result of this campaign we would like to raise awarness and visibility of MSF in the region. In particular, we would like to see: An increased number of followers accross our social media channels; anincrease in traffic on our website; an increase in online donations”.

After a tight competition, Wissam Santina won the price with THE PULSE OF HOPE, congratulations!