Dailymotion certified by Digital Ad-Trust in France

Dailymotion’s continuous work towards video advertising excellence has paid off as the new year starts with a much-anticipated certification for the global video platform. French advertising unions (IAB France, UDA, SRI, UDECAM, ARPP, GESTE, CESP and ACPM) have officially certified Dailymotion with the Digital Ad-trust label for its in-stream inventory. 

After more than 3 months of audit, the CESP and the ACPM (official advertising audit organizations in France) have acknowledged Dailymotion’s commitment in terms of brand safety, fight against fraudulent traffic, viewabililty, user ad-experience and protection of personal data. 

This addition of dailymotion to a network of 92 certified publishers in France, sets a new milestone for the video platform and strengthens its positioning as a premium platform for users, content publishers and advertisers.  

Thanks for your support and happy new year.

Official press release here.