SourceKnowledge joins Dailymotion’s roster of high profile demand partners. Clients of SourceKnowledge’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) Engage now have direct access to the premium video inventory of the private video ad-exchange Dailymotion exchange (DMX).

SourceKnowledge, a leading performance advertising technology company, and Dailymotion, one of the biggest video platforms in the world with 3.5 billion videos viewed per month, announced a strategic partnership that now allows advertisers from all over the world to purchase Dailymotion’s in-stream inventory, directly through SourceKnowledge’s platform, Engage.

DMX, Dailymotion’s advertising’s premium global video ad-exchange, has integrated with SourceKnowledge’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) Engage, enabling marketers and media buyers to access DMX’s premium, multi-screen video inventory in more than 180 countries. Engage differs from other platforms because it looks at post-click user behavior to ensure clients are driving positive ROAS by constantly evolving toward better value from every single conversion.

“We’re excited to provide access to Dailymotion’s quality inventory to our user base,” said Hector Pantazopoulos, CRO at SourceKnowledge. “We always look at driving measurable business outcomes and this integration will allow us to do that on a greater scale.”

“When we do branding video campaigns, our goal is to connect brands to our highly engaged audience with the publisher content that we host or produce”, says Damien Pigasse, CRO at Dailymotion.”We believe that engaging viewers with a brand continues beyond the display of an ad. Therefore, partnering up with a Demand Side Platform like SourceKnowledge, whose product can account for that, is key for advertisers”.

This integration with SourceKnowledge comes with another notable benefit for clients of the Engage platform as they will be able to leverage Dailymotion’s contextual, socio-demographic and behavioural targeting audience data to improve the custom statistical audience models currently used by the platform.

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