TV spots aren’t often designed to be reused for digital.  As a result, a common quandary for marketers and agencies alike is how to provide an optimal digital experience without changing the original messaging.

Thanks to its newly released ‘Customized Pre-roll’, Dailymotion allows brands to incorporate their identity directly within the Dailymotion video player when broadcasting advertiser content.

This new native customization of the Dailymotion player seek bar and control buttons has resulted in increased viewer engagement, particularly for completion rate.

Whether it be an image of a car replacing the progress cursor on an ad promoting a new car with exceptional handling ability, or the image of a razor doing the same on an ad promoting a razor, Dailymotion brings a fresh new twist to brands to boost their reputation.

+10% on average in completion rate compared to classic pre-rolls, based on a dozen of campaigns since summer 2016.

Thanks to its integrated creative studio NROLL, Dailymotion can imagine, design and implement this scheme in a few short days.

 “The pre-roll celebrates its 10th anniversary and Internet users now consume videos online in different new ways: on mobile, through vertical video or 360 °.  Advertisers must now strengthen their efforts to draw the viewers’ attention when broadcasting a non-interactive classic video.  Integrating the brand in a personalized way within our player when broadcasting pre-roll is a clever, quick and creative way to show that a brand has made an effort to adapt to its digital audience.  We strongly encourage brands to take advantage of the many opportunities that this new technology can offer for engaging their audiences.” Victor Ho, Head of Marketing at Dailymotion Advertising.