Dailymotion, 2nd most watched video player in France

The latest results of Médiamétrie NetRatings video panel are available! For the month of July 2018, Dailymotion officializes its position as the second most viewed video player in France, with more than 11 million unique videonauts on desktop in France, which represents nearly one out of two French (out of a total of 26.5 million Internet users who viewed at least 1 video on computer in France).*

In total, more than 201 million videos viewed and 23 million hours of video content were recorded on the dailymotion.com website, on its application or on publishers’ websites using Dailymotion video player technology, by French videonauts on desktop.

*Mediamétrie NetRating’s Computer Video Audience Measurement is based on a sample of 16,000 individuals, recruited by telephone and on the Internet, representative of the population of French Internet users on computers aged 2 years and over, residing in France and having Internet access at home and/or at work.