AppNexus partners with video SSP dailymotion exchange to help video buyers reach target audiences at scale

AppNexus partners with video SSP dailymotion exchange to help video buyers reach target audiences at scale.

AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, today added Dailymotion Exchange (DMX) as the newest video SSP partner to its video platform. The alliance will combine the reach of AppNexus’ omnichannel DSP capabilities with the quality and scale of Dailymotion Exchange’s video inventory to ensure that advertisers and marketers around the world can find the most targeted audiences for their video campaigns.

Eric Hoffert, SVP, Video Technology, said “AppNexus is working with premium video SSPs such as DMX to expand access to inventory and fill a pressing market need for an open video platform. The speed with which we are building out our solution and integrating valuable partners like DMX enables buyers to reach greater audiences at scale.”

Dailymotion Exchange is the private video exchange that exclusively monetizes Dailymotion player instream inventory, which is one of the largest video platforms in the world with 3.5 billion video views monthly and more than 300 million unique viewers. DMX’s premium video inventory is offered across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, game console, and connected TV in more than 180 countries. This premium inventory is based on video content published daily by leading worldwide publishers as well as original content across a large panel of vertical categories including music, sports gaming, film, TV, comedy, and more. The company recently launched 360-degree real-time VR content, advancing the user experience to new levels and opening up unique advertising opportunities.

“AppNexus offers massive global reach and an open platform we found to be very attractive and congruent with DMX’s large scale video and 1st party data supply,” said Damien Pigasse, CRO of Dailymotion. “We are convinced that this partnership with AppNexus is a winning move for Dailymotion to reach new video buyers globally and that it can definitely make its mark among our other integrated DSPs.”

“Google’s recent decision to pull YouTube inventory from the open market restricted marketer choice, flexibility, and agility,” continued Hoffert. “In light of these major shifts in the video market, AppNexus is emerging as the scaled, independent leader that can offer superior reach, audience-building, and pricing across diverse supply pools. Partnering with DMX is an important step forward for our video buyers.”

DMX inventory is available immediately to AppNexus video buyers globally.

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