Dailymotion presents the most evolved player in the world. Faster, HTML5, 100% responsive and customizable, experience it right now!

ENGLISH EXPERIENCE OUR NEW PLAYERWe’re excited to offer you a first glimpse of our brand new player; completely re-designed and re-engineered from scratch to offer the ultimate viewing experience across all screens. See for yourself by becoming a beta tester. This HTML5 beta, whilst boasting a great many cool features, will continue to evolve over the coming weeks extending compatibility to paywall videos, live streams and of course Flash. We hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.

Our new player offers an optimal viewing experience on several aspects:


Faster, smoother, lighter — we have completely re-thought and re-built our new player from the ground up, with performance at the heart of our priorities. Our main focus is HTML5, but the Flash version will follow shortly.


Video is what keeps the world surprising and diverse. We want to ensure that everyone can share life with those that live it. Our new player is fully accessible to all supporting screen readers, subtitles and voice-over software.

Beyond responsive

The player automatically resizes itself to fit whatever device and screen size you are using. But we’ve taken things a step further – all key features are preserved no matter how small the screen.

Full mobile experience

As mobile plays an ever increasing role in our lives, our new player has been designed accordingly. You’ll be able to find all the bespoke player features traditionally reserved for the larger screens on your mobile — even when the player is embedded outside of We’ve also enlarged the targets for finger-friendly interaction.

Customize your page

The player is jam-packed with a whole host of features that you can chose to activate or not. In particular, it boasts two themes (dark and light), as well as a multitude of colours. Select the colour that best fits your content and the player will auto select the most appropriate theme to ensure optimal colour contrast and accessibility.

For our partners

All our partners will be able to set custom colour schemes and overlay linkable logos to reinforce their brand identity.