4 tips to optimize your campaigns on Dailymotion!


Videos are watched across many different screens – reach your audience everywhere and on every screen.

Reach the widest possible audience by programming your campaign on a multi-device basis, ensuring that your message is conveyed to consumers whatever the screen, wherever they are.

A multitude of formats will work on a cross-device basis : 

  • video pre-roll : desktop, mobile, tablet, connected TV
  • video masthead : desktop, tablet
  • interstitial : desktop, mobile, tablet
  • top bannerand MPU : desktop, tablet

batman multiscreen 2

Think multi-screen right from the start!

Whenever possible, your visual assets must be designed to fit all device types, paying particular attention to small screens. Your visual needs to be straightforward and visually impactful with at least 3 key elements visible at a glance on any screen: brand/product logo, product itself, and the call-to-action.



For international or multi-country campaigns, brand messaging should be adapted to the specificities of each local market.

american sniper


When it comes to very local video advertising, a high level of geo-targeted customization is possible with our pre-roll locator ; a specific form of interactive pre-roll. The concept is simple: the adserver locates the viewer and according to his geographic position, broadcasts the same pre-roll, but with a customized packshot (EG : indicating the nearest store for purchase)

pre roll locator


Get a 100% share of voice on Dailymotion!

Depending on the websites and applications you choose for your campaign, the advertising clutter may reach a high level, and maximizing your coverage during a specific period may be a real challenge.

Our Homepage takeover with video masthead or companion MPU will guarantee 100% SOV for a 24 hour period, thus giving you maximum visibility on a punctual basis.


Contextual targeting will help you increase share of voice on in-stream campaigns. You’ll be able to target specific content categories, and associate your campaign with specific topics in a contextualized environment.

You can also opt for sponsorships, being able to target a specific event or media brand to associate your brand to. See our current sponsorship offers.



In-between your media campaigns and highlights, it is important to maintain contact with your audience throughout the year. A dedicated brand channel on Dailymotion lets you showcase your branded video content or advertising assets on a permanent basis.


A dedicated brand channel provides additional brand visibility in both internal and external search engines, and lets you grow, manage and interact with a new community of followers.

Our native ad solution that also allows you to drive trafic to your brand channel whenever you want. Try it now !