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Benefit from Native Distribution

When you promote a video, it will be displayed on the home page, in search results, alongside related videos, and on external websites via our widget. And with native functionality, it will look like every other video except for the simple "promoted" tag.

Nagtive video distribution
Receptive consumers

Reach Engaged Users

With over 300 million unique viewers watching over 3 billion videos per month across a wide range of devices and on thousands of websites, you'll have no trouble reaching the consumers you want to. And with our self-service platform, creating campaigns couldn't be easier.

Target and customize effectively

Use audience targeting to include or exclude locations, focus on certain devices, and reach users interested in certain content. You can also schedule your campaign to only run during certain days of the week and during certain hours to maximize efficiency. Finally, you can choose the exact placements where your video will be promoted.

Pay only
when people engage

Select the number of views you want to
generate. You only pay when a user
actively chooses to watch your video.


Gain insights with live analytics

Access your campaign data in real time to learn what's working. You'll be able to track how your budget and targeting are working in terms of impressions, clicks, and views.

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