For the second year in a row, Bahamas tourism office and his communication agency Call Me Back imagine and set up a 100% digital video communication campaign and extend dailymotion and his creative studio NROLL to orchestrate the facility.

How to sincerely and authentically promote Bahamas of public and make him dream about his future holidays on the archipelago?

Bahamas tourism office rely on the digital influence and the audiovisual story-telling to reach this goal and to propose Bahamazing Experiences.

Alex Vizeo Bahamax 3

The concept

Bahamazing Experiences involve seven lifestyle and tourism blogger teams about the most influencing of the moment who moves, the one after the others, to explore two different islands of the archipelago each time.

During this adventure, influencers have created experiential digital content, to diversify the destination image and a part of accessible dream to internet users.

By bringing emotion and lived experience in them texts, pictures and videos center, influencers propose to internet users’ potential travelers to dive at the heart of the Bahamas.

Each one of the seven teams are attached to a very specific and defined universe, in order to address different communities:

-Bruno Maltor, winner of the travel blog award in 2015, 250 000 fans/followers

-Alex Vizeo, travel blogging reference, 130 000 fans/ followers

-Pauline and Benoit, 50 000 fans/followers

-Celine, reference for 10 years in family and travel universe, 25 000 fans/followers

-Juliette and Gaetan, 60 000 fans/ followers

-Elisa and Max, 2013 Best job of the world winners in Australia, 120 000 fans/followers

-Morgan, 85 000 fans/followers

In total, this is about 1 million fans and followers who will be sensitized to Bahamazing Experiences.

Since the last 20 of march, the Bahamazing campaign is diffused on dailymotion with a dedicated space especially created by NROLL, the integrated creative studio of the platform.

Via this shrine, the internet user can discover 11 Bahamas destinations through the entry door of the 15 different experiences lived by bloggers. The dedicated space also give specific and precise information about Bahamas as well as the three tour operators partner. A pre-roll form teaser is diffused overall dailymotion partners’ website to encourage internet users to go on the Bahamazing Experiences platform. Almost 2 million contacts are expected.

Simultaneoulsy, influencer articles are progressively revealed on their own blog and redirect to the Bahamazing channel to extend the experience.

Adventure also continue offline with the opening of a Bahamas pop up store in Paris city center which allows internet users to pass from virtual to reality, by living by themselves an authentic Bahamian experience (music, cocktail, traditional music, …).

Bahamazing experience in short

  • 7 influencer teams with an accumulate audience almost equal to 1 million fans and followers
  • 15 experiential contents realized by influencers in a paradisiac decor
  • A 100% video digital campaign orchestrate by dailymotion
  • A public meeting during an ephemeral Parisian event

See you on bahamazingexperiences.dailymotion.com!